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The Purpose of an Arkansas Auto Accident Attorney

An injury attorney is popularly used to protect the victim’s rights. It is important to ask recommendations on hiring an auto accident attorney in case you get involved in an accident

In Arkansas, there is a limitation statute on how long should take to file a claim or suit relating to a car accident. In Arkansas the law gives you three years in which to file a car accident suit. Some states like Tennessee offer a period of one year after the accident for you to file a case.

Therefore it is crucial to have a car accident lawyer for they are cognizant with such legal limitations. There is a problem that most people face is that if they are at fault in an accident, their insurance company will be very hesitant to pay them and when they do, they pay less as compared to the other party.

In other cases insurers ask you to rent a car as they process your claim for the time you won’t be having one. The company may fail to compensate you for the costs you incurred using a rental car with the reason of a ‘hidden’ term they totally failed to inform you about. In the worst scenarios, some insurance companies have failed to cater for medical bills thus leaving the victim in debt.

When you consider these situations then, you will find that you need to understand the purpose of a car accident lawyer since Arkansas’ car accident suits are placed under an ‘At-Fault’ category .

damages and losses incurred from auto accident suits in such a state are imposed on insurance companies that covers both parties involved. A car accident lawyer is necessary here to help the driver at fault compel his insurer to pay as required.

There is also the factor of proving fault. The main influence in car accident cases is fault. In a car accident suit, all parties work towards placing fault on each other. Actually this is the primary objective for the lawyers in the case. Since this is complex and challenging , one needs to retain experienced advice for assertive and professional representation. To prove fault in a car accident case, various details need to proved.

As a claimant you need to show that a duty was owed of the driver. You also need to show that the other party went against the legal duty he was supposed to uphold. Additionally, show that the accident and subsequent injuries were a direct result of your opponent’s lack of sense of duty of care. Finally, show that due to the accident, the injuries and losses that were incurred cost the victim monetarily e.g. through medical expenses, time away from work and other costs.

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