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The Material Fight of Stuff: How Business Professionals are Tossing it Away and Moving On

Is it worth it to take it to a trash can? Would it be smarter to sell it online and go through the steps that are required? Many business professionals are looking for more efficient ways to handle the double-whammy of their finances and their collected items that do not serve an immediate purpose. In this process, they are dealing with one dilemma: is it worth it?

Runs to the Thrift Store

Sometimes it pays to take stuff out the business and to a thrift store. Thrift stores will often take the items and actually pay a little bit for them. It won’t be a lot. But, business leaders have taken what they had and got rid of it. They got paid a little for it in the process, which can go back into fueling the business. Ultimately, the idea that getting rid of stuff could actually pay back a little is a novel one.

The Online Selling Hijinks

Is it worth it? It’s a fair question given the frustrations involved with trying to sell items. Many people may recommend eBay and Craigslist for selling items. They are both mostly reputable sources, and they certainly work. Both require a little patience due to the system. For example, eBay has built-in return policies and a customer service platform for customers unhappy with the product. These features and fine and well for consumers 9and returns can be turned off), but they complicate the matter for sellers who just want it gone and a little money to help elsewhere.

Runs to the thrift store are also time-consuming. Is it worth it to go through the jumps, knowing it may not sell, it may be returned, it takes time to list, it needs to be mailed out, etc? It may not be worth it. Some business professionals are looking forward by just unloading it. The time they put into using the web or thrift store is not paying out. It is also taking away from other areas.

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