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Getting a Great Night of Sleep

Restful sleep is essential for overall health and well-being. Not only does the body rest, the mind does as well. Dealing with daily stresses, activities, and demands is easier after a great night of sleep. People can concentrate on the tasks as hand, interact positively with coworkers, and are not fatigued by three in the afternoon.

How to Sleep Well

There are many contributing factors to falling and staying asleep. Food and drink intake can effect sleep patterns. Drinking too much caffeine, eating greasy foods, or excessive snacking right before going to bed can interfere with sleep. Try some herbal tea, a light snack, or refraining from eating a few hours before laying down.

Creating a Relaxing Environment

Sleep hygiene is the term medical professionals use to refer to preparing the atmosphere that is most conducive to sleep. Turning off the television and reading quietly can be relaxing and calm …